Find an expert: Core faculty and PhDs

The media frequently consults with Centre faculty and graduate students for insight on current debates over issues such as policing, sentencing, crime rates, punishment, security, and moral regulation.

Use the keywords below to find individuals whose stated research interests include a particular topic. In the table, see how they describe their research interests and follow the links to view individual profiles.

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  • Authoritarian
  • Bioethics
  • China
  • Choice & agency
  • Citizenship
  • Colonialism
  • Commissions of inquiry
  • Comparative criminology
  • Corruption 
  • Courts
  • Criminal justice
  • Criminal responsibility
  • Democratic
  • Dispute resolution
  • Emotionality
  • Environmental justice
  • Ethnography
  • Food security
  • Forensics
  • Freedom of Information
  • Governance
  • Government & Public Policy
  • Human rights
  • Indigenous
  • Insurgent groups
  • International police cooperation
  • Latin America
  • Legal aid
  • Legal history
  • Legal theory
  • Migration
  • Counter-Narratives
  • Non-state actors
  • Organized crime 
  • Organizational theory
  • Penology
  • Personhood
  • Police accountability
  • Policing
  • Political violence
  • Postcolonial sociolegal studies
  • Post-Soviet
  • Prisons
  • Production of state knowledges
  • Program evaluation
  • Protest policing
  • Psychopathy
  • Punishment
  • Qualitative methods
  • Race
  • Reconciliation
  • Re-entry
  • Reform
  • Refugees
  • Research methods
  • Risk
  • Security
  • Sex work
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual violence
  • Social justice
  • Social movements
  • Social networks
  • Sociolegal theory
  • Sociology of law
  • South Asia
  • Spacial statistics
  • State violence
  • Statistical methodologies
  • Subjectivity
  • Technology
  • Terrorism
  • The legal profession
  • The mind
  • Trauma
  • Turkey
  • University campuses
  • Urban
  • Violence
  • White Collar Crime
  • Women/gender
  • Wrongful convictions
  • Youth


Name Keywords Research Interests

Core Faculty

Audrey Macklin

migration; refugees; citizenship; human rights Domestic, international and comparative migration, refugee, citizenship and human rights.

Anthony Doob

youth; punishiment policy; courts Punishment policy; courts; youth justice.

Catherine Evans

legal history; criminal responisbility; forensics; the mind History of criminal law in the British empire; criminal responsibility; forensics; the mind.

Rosemary Gartner

women/gender; patterns in violence; punisment Historical and comparative patterns in violence; women’s violent victimization and offending; gender and punishment.

Kelly Hannah-Moffat

risk; prisons; women/gender; punishment; governance Risk; actuarial governance; prisons; gender and punishment.

Beatrice Jauregui

policing; state violence; security; corruption; ethnography; South Asia  Policing, state violence, security, corruption, political-legal ethnography, South Asia.

Ayobami Laniyonu

criminal justice; urban; statistical methodologies; spacial statistics Criminal justice reform, urban politics, and statistical methodologies, with a particular emphasis on spatial statistics

Matthew Light

Post-Soviet; migration; policing; corruption; criminal justice; human rights Post-Soviet legal issues, including migration controls, policing, corruption, criminal justice, individual rights.

Kerry Taylor

penology; bioethics; human rights; Indigenous; food security; social justice; environmental justice Penology, bioethics, human rights & reconciliation, social/environmental justice, food security.

Mariana Valverde

sociology of law; sexuality; urban; legal theory; social theory Sociology of law; sexuality; urban issues; social and legal theory.

William Watson

psychopathy Psychopathy in legal, philosophical and psychological discourses.

Scot Wortley

policing; youth; organized crime; race; social networks Street gangs; policing; youth crime and victimization; corrections; racism in the criminal justice system; social networks and crime.

CrimSL PhDs

Fernando Avila

punishment; prisons Imprisonment, Punishment, Prison sociology

Olivia Berkovits

Technology; Women/gender; Criminal justice; Personhood Science and technology studies; Reproductive technologies; Legal personhood

Jacqueline Briggs

Indigenous; legal history; legal aid; the legal profession; colonialism Indigenous justice; legal history; the development of legal aid in Canada; the legal profession and colonialism.

Jessica Bundy

Race; policing; criminal justice; narratives Race and the criminal justice system, policing, narratives

Wumi Asubiaro Dada

 Women/gender; violence; sexual violence; choice & agency; insurgent groups Female combatants, Choice & Agency, Sexual and Gender-based violence, Women in politics

James Duncan


Giancarlo Fiorella

Latin America; political violence; protest policing; social movements Political violence in Venezuela; protest policing and social movements; repression

Julius Haag

youth; organized crime; policing; race; qualitative methods Policing, Youth Crime, Systemic Racism, Terrorism, Qualitative Methods

Sabeen Kazmi

Race; terrorism; colonialism; migration; security; South-Asia; Government & Public Policy Security-Development, Katchi Abadi (non-permanent residence); Anti-colonialism; Race and Ethnicity; Anti-Terrorism Law; South-Asia; Government & Public Policy; Law; Migration.

Tyler Joseph King

criminal justice; the mind; technology; wrongful convictions Neurolaw, Criminal Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Wrongful Convictions

Daniel Konikoff

criminal justice; technology Criminal Justice and Technology

Jihyun Kwon

police accountability; dispute resolution; governance Administrative oversight of law enforcement; complaint and accountability procedures; dispute resolution; bureaucratic governance; police and prison.

Erick Laming

policing; police accountability; reform; criminal justice Policing; police use of force; police accountability; criminal justice reform; criminal justice policy; comparative criminal justice.

Huibin Lin

Policing; authoritarian; security; state violence; race; criminal justice; China Policing in totalitarian regimes, securitization, state violence, race and criminal justice, ethnic relations in China

Kadija Lodge-Tulloch

prisons; reentry offender reentry, corrections, reintegration, post-release programs

Alex Luscombe

policing; corruption; white collar crime; freedom of information; research methods Policing, corruption, white collar crime, freedom of information law, research methods

Valentin Pereda

organized crime; violence; governance; organizational theory; non-state actors Organized crime, organized violence, extra-legal governance, organizational theory, violent non-state actors.

Adina Radosh

Security; Policing; Latin America; Subjectivity Anthropology of the State; Policing; Subjectivity; Security; Latin America.

Serdar San

policing; authoritarian; democratic; terrorism; international police cooperation; Turkey Policing in authoritarian societies; democratic policing; democracy and authoritarianism; terrorism; counterterrorism; deradicalization/disengagement; international police cooperation; Turkish politics.

Roxy Shlapak

Race; criminal justice; policing; reconciliation Race and the criminal justice system, police and policing structures in Canada, inequality in policing,  processes of reconciliation

Mayana C. Slobodian

Indigenous; postcolonial sociolegal studies; commissions of inquiry; production of state knowledges; Truth and Reconciliation Commission  Indigenous and postcolonial sociolegal studies; commissions of inquiry and the production of state knowledges; Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Andrea Sterling

sex work; sexuality; sociolegal theory Sex work regulation, sociolegal theory, sexuality and the law

Ravita Surajbali

women/gender; violence; criminal justice; legal theory; sexual violence; university campus; race gender, violence, criminal justice; feminist legal theory; institutional outcomes for sexual violence cases; sexual violence on campus; race and criminal justice

Grace Tran

citizenship; migration; refugees; sexuality Law and (Im)migration; Citizenship and Refugees; Transformative Effects of Immigration Processes; the Legal Regulation of Sexuality, Morality, and Intimacy

Diego Tuesta Reategui

 punishment; organized crime; sociolegal theory  Punishment and society, empirical legal studies, illegal economies, organized crime, social theory

Grant Valentine

emotionality; reform; criminal justice policy The interplay between emotionality and the administration of criminal justice in Canada; legislative reform; criminal justice policy.

Dikla Yogev

Policing, Comparative Criminology, Research Methods, Program Evaluation Policing; comparative criminology; research methods; program evaluation.

Jona Zyfi

Technology; migration; refugees; citizenship; human rights; governance Artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms in relation to immigration regulation, forced and irregular migration, the criminalization and securitization of asylum seekers, refugee protection and status determination, and the intersections of citizenship, belonging, state sovereignty/power and human rights.