Alex Luscombe

PhD Candidate

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Policing
  • Economic crime
  • Freedom of information law
  • Research methods
  • Computational social science

Working Dissertation


Matthew Light


Alex Luscombe is a PhD student in the Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies, a Junior Fellow at Massey College, and a Researcher at the Centre for Access to Information and Justice at the University of Winnipeg. He specializes in the areas of policing, economic crime enforcement, and access to criminal justice data. With Dr. Alexander McClelland (University of Ottawa), he co-leads the Policing the Pandemic Mapping Project (, which tracks and publishes data about the policing of COVID-19. His dissertation research combines human and computational methods of data collection and analysis to examine police responses to money laundering, capital markets crime, and corporate bribery across Canada.

Selected Publications

In the Press



BA Hons. (Sociology), University of Victoria
MA (Sociology), Carleton University