Independent Studies and Research Participation

CRI395H1 Independent Studies/CRI396H1 Research Studies  

Application Due Date:  At least one week before to the start of classes provided the study does NOT involve human subjects (see Research Ethics Approval below).

CRI395H Independent Study

A 0.5 credit independent study course under the direction of  faculty member from the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies.
Prerequisite: CRI205H1, 210H1, 225H1 and 2 300 level CRI half-credit lecture courses.
Distribution Requirement Status & Breadth Requirements:  Social Science Course/ Society and its Institutions (3).

CRI396H1 Research Participation

A 0.5 credit course for supervised participation in a faculty research project. Open only to third and fourth year students.
Prerequisite: 9 FCEs. A CGPA of at least 3.0 is recommended.
Distribution Requirement Status & Breadth Requirements:  Social Science Course/ Society and its Institutions (3).

CRI450H1 Criminology Research Project - Not offered


Research Ethics Approval Procedures:

Any research that includes human participation at U of T requires Research Ethics approval; and research conducted on students requires the additional approval of the office of the Vice-Provost, Students.  Students wishing to conduct such work must initiate the process at least one month before the start of classes. 

View Research Ethics Board details, including submission deadlines/contacts.
Once REB approval has been granted, there are some additional steps that are part of the process to grant researchers access to student information at the University of Toronto. Specifically:
1.     A copy of the Research Ethics Board letter of approval, and a signed confidentiality agreement, along with the following information:

a.      Study title

b.     Title and names of authors

c.      Brief description of the research, including objectives and timeline

d.     Details of sampling methodology for research involving institutional data

e.      Description of participants and their recruitment and/or description of data requested

f.      Description of measures you will take to protect confidentiality/anonymity

g.     Provision of funding for any costs incurred by the University in providing access or data.

2.     Once we’ve received this information, we will review the student’s proposal and issue a letter of approval, provided we don’t have any concerns.
View more information about accessing faculty, students, and staff for research purposes.

If Step 1 is approved you must submit a copy of the CRI form and a copy of the approval letter (STEP 1) to the Program Office for final approval.  The proposal will be reviewed for academic content and fulfilment of prerequisites.    Any requests that include conducting research in Criminology courses will be subject to an additional internal review by the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies.  In such cases, details of the process would be made available once Step 1 has been approved.

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