Restricted Program: Definition

Criminology and Sociolegal Studies is a Type 3 -N Program, which has the following restrictions:

  • Completion of four full-course equivalents (4.0 FCEs) 
  • Completion of prerequisite courses in the Fall and Winter session immediately preceding the Spring application cycle. (i.e. a student wishing to apply to CrimSL in Apil 2021 must take the required courses in the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 sessions. No exceptions)
  • Achieving minimum grade requirements in prerequiste courses (achieving the minimum average does not guarantee admission)

When to apply to Type 3N programs:

Submit a request on ACORN. Applications open between March and April. Results are posted by mid June and students have until early July to accept the offer. Check the Program Toolkit for up-to-date information.

Space limitation - we admit 220 students each year. This capacity is based on teaching resources and ensuring that pedagogical objectives can be met in delivering the program curriculum.

We can't predict the composition of the applicant pool. If the number of applicant. is higher than the number we can accommodate the applicants are ranked in descending course average order. This determines the % cutoff.  

2021: Will depend on applicant pool. We can't predict what the cutoff will be. 

2020: 78.75%

2019: 73%

Please contact your Registrar for advice. Students can reapply for admission to the program after year 2 and 3 and some might even apply later (this adds an extra year of studies).

Note: If you are interested in Law, an undergraduate degree with a major in Criminology is usually NOT required. Students will normally be assessed on their academic performance, LSAT score and curricular activities. For admission information please contact the schools offering Law programs directly.  

Students who have achieved a grade close to the cut off are placed on an internal waiting list and contacted by the Program Office via email should space become available.  

Admission is competitive and priority will be given to students who meet the published admission requirements. 

What is a Program?

If you are going to complete your fourth full course equivalent (FCE) by April, you will have to enrol in a Program of Study starting this spring! A Program refers to a group of courses that you take in a specific subject area (e.g. History, Computer Science, Economics) and are offered as majors, specialists and minors. The Program you enrol in will determine which degree you receive:

Honours Bachelor of Arts
Honours Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Commerce degree

Check the Program Toolkit for information. The toolkit will provide you with a list of all the programs (and admission requirements) offered in the Faculty of Arts and Science. If you need help sorting out courses to ensure you are eligible to apply to a program please contact your Registrar.

No, current students cannot use transfer credits. Only the credits taken in the preceding Fall and Winter session will be considered for admission to the spring admission cycle. If you are transfering from another institution to the Faculty of Arts and Science and please refer to the information posted here.