Course Option

Students must take CRI 2010H (Methodological Issues in Criminology). In addition, students must take seven other half courses, for a total of eight half courses. Full-time students must complete the requirements under this option within eight months (September to May).

Students who have had previous comparable methods training, including the material canvassed in methodological issues, can apply for exemption from the methods requirement. Students who feel they may be exempt should discuss this with the Graduate Coordinator. Courses may include a reading course (CRI 3350HF or CRI 3351HS). This course must be approved by the instructor and the Graduate Coordinator.

Students may, with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator, take up to three half-courses from other graduate departments within the University in lieu of a non-required course. Finally, participation in the Centre’s seminar series is expected of all graduate students.

For more information, see the Graduate Handbook