Finding a Doctoral Supervisor

Each student accepted into the doctoral program must have a presumptive PhD dissertation supervisor. In applying, therefore, it is important to indicate which member or members of the faculty would be appropriate supervisors for your doctoral research interests. Communicating with faculty members prior to submitting an application is strongly advised.

CrimSL assumes that the vast majority of PhD students will be supervised by a core faculty member with their principal appointment in the Centre.

Applicants who wish to be supervised by a cross-appointed faculty member must include with their applications a statement explaining why they wish to pursue the PhD in Criminology, rather than in the discipline or department where their preferred supervisor is principally appointed. This might explain why the student wishes to pursue the PhD in an interdisciplinary Centre, or why the other department is inappropriate for the applicant’s range of interests. These applicants should also consult with their potential supervisor about the likely composition of their dissertation committee, since all committees must include core Centre faculty.

Should a prospective PhD student require advice on which faculty member to speak with regarding their proposed research, they should contact our Graduate Coordinator, Professor Beatrice Jauregui, at

CrimSL Graduate Faculty


Professor K. Clarke

Graduate Coordinator

Professor B. Jauregui

Core Faculty

Cross-Appointed and Adjunct Faculty

  • Professor L. Chen, BA (Beijing Foreign Studies), MA (SUNY Buffalo), J.D. (Illinois), MA, PhD (Columbia), Assistant Professor of History and Sociolegal Studies
  • Professor M. Dubber, AB (Harvard), J.D. (Stanford), Professor of Law
  • Professor P. Erickson, BA (York), MA (Toronto), PhD (Glasgow), Adjunct Professor of Sociology
  • Professor P. Goodman, BA (Bowdoin College), MA, PhD (University of California, Irvine), Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Professor C. Kruttschnitt, BA (University of California, Berkeley), MA, MPhil, PhD (Yale), Professor of Sociology
  • Professor A. Macklin, BSc (Alberta), LLB (Toronto), LLM (Yale), Professor of Law
  • Dr. Flora I. Matheson, BA, MA, PhD (University of Toronto), Post-doctoral fellowship (St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Professor P. Maurutto, BSc (Toronto), MA, PhD (York), Professor of Sociology
  • Professor J. Phillips, MA (Edinburgh), LLB, PhD (Dalhousie), Professor of Law
  • Professor P.H. Solomon, Jr., BA (Harvard), MA, PhD (Columbia), Professor of Political Science (Emeritus)
  • Professor J. Tanner, BSc (London), Post Graduate Cert. in Education (Leicester), MA, PhD (Alberta), Professor of Sociology