Older Publications

The Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies has been a prolific publisher of relevant criminology books and reports throughout the years. Many of these items are still in use today. These items are available for purchase $5.00CAD plus shipping.

Please e-mail your request to criminology.library@utoronto.ca

Research on Community Safety Kidd, B & Phillips, J 2004
An Evaluation of the Toronto John School Diversion Program Wortley, Scot & Fischer, Benedikt 2002
The Toronto Youth Crime & Victimization Survey: Overview Report Tanner, Julian & Wortley, Scot 2002
An exploration of Ontario residents’ Views of Crime and the criminal Justice system Doob, Anthony; Marinos, Voula; Varma, Kimberley & Sprott, Jane 1998
Criminal Justice in the Old World and the New Smith, Greg, May, Allyson; Devereaux, Simon 1998
Governing Medically Assisted Human Reproduction: A report of an international symposium Weir, Lorna 1997
Police Governance in First Nations in Ontario Stenning, Philip 1996
Taking responsibility in the criminal Justice System: Citizen Involvement Barnes, Wendy 1995
Youth Crime and the Youth Justice System in Canada: A Research Perspective Doob, Anthony; Marinos, Voula; Varma, Kimberley 1995
Public Complaints Against the Police ; A view from Complainants Landau, Tammy 1994
Violence Prediction Scheme: Assessing Dangerousness in High Risk Men Webster, C; Harris, G; Rice, M; Cormier, C & Quinsey, V 1994
Thinking about Police resources Doob, Anthony 1993
Criminology: A reader’s Guide Gladstone, Jane; Ericson, Richard & Shearing, Clifford 1991
Understanding Justices: A study of Canadian Justices of the Peace Doob, Anthony; Baranek, Patricia & Addario, Susan 1991
Constructing dangerousness Webster, C; Dickens, B & Addario, S 1985
Police Use of Deadly Force: Canadian Perspectives Chappell, D & Graham, L 1985
Dial-a-cop; A study of police mobilisation Shearing, C 1984
News Accounts of Attacks on Women: A comparison of Three Toronto Newspapers Voumvakis, S & Ericson, R 1984
Policing Reform: A study of the Reform process and police institution in Toronto McMahon, M & Ericson, R 1984
The Fitness Interview Test: A Method for examining fitness to stand trial Roesch, R Webster, C & Eaves, Derek 1984
Law and the Chinese in Canada A case Study in ethnic perceptions of the law Chan, Janet and Hagan, John 1982
Private Security and Private Justice Shearing, C & Stenning, P 1982
Decarceration and the Economy of penal reform Chan, Janet & Ericson, Richard 1981
Firearms Ownership and Use in Canada: A report of survey findings, 1976 Stenning, P & Moyer, S 1981
Police Commissions and boards in Canada Stenning, Philip 1981
Postal Security and Mail Opening: A review of the Law Stenning 1981
Contract Security in Ontario Shearing, C & Stenning, P & Farnell, M 1980
Police Training in Ontario: An evaluation of recruit and supervisory courses Shearing, C & Stenning, Philip 1980
The Silent system: An inquiry into prisoners who suicide Burtch, B & Ericson, R 1979
Attitudes towards crime and punishment in Upper Canada, 1830-1850 A documentary Study Beattie, JM 1977
Private Policing: An examination of In-house security operations Jeffries, Fern 1977
Private Security: An examination of Canadian Statistics, 1961-1971 Farnell, M & Shearing, C 1977
The Juvenile’s perception if the role of defence counsel in juvenile court: a pilot study Catton, Katherine and Erickson, Patricia 1975
The juvenile’s perception of the role of defence counsel in Juvenile court: A pilot Study Catton, Katherine and Erickson, Patricia 1975
The legal regulation and control of private policing in Canada Stenning, P & Cornish, M 1975
Parole and Ontario reform institution inmates Binnie, Susan 1974
Decision Making in the Canadian Criminal Court System: A Systems Analysis Volume 1 Hann, Robert 1973
Decision Making in the Canadian Criminal Court System: A Systems Analysis Volume 2 Hann, Robert 1973
Apparently suffering from mental disorder Fox, Richard & Erickson, Patricia 1972
Murder in Canada : A report on Capital and non-capital murder Statistics 1961-1970 Schloss, B & Giesbrecht 1972
Systems analysis and the Corrections system in Ontario: A preliminary Study Bailey, John and Hann, Robert 1972
Prisoners’ Perceptions of Parole: A survey of the National Parole System Conducted in the Penitentiaries of Ontario, Canada James, Lois 1971
Attitudes to Crime and the Police in Ontario: A report on some survey findings Courtis, MC & Dussuyer, I 1970
Attitudes to crime and the police in Toronto: A report on Some survey findings Courtis, Malcolm 1970