Financial Aid for MA Students

We have a small annual financial aid budget for admitted master’s students.

Offers of financial aid are made at the time of admission on the basis of the student’s academic record, as reflected in the application.

Please note that our funds are limited, and in recent years, most admitted students have not received a financial aid offer.

For more information, see the Graduate Handbook.

Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships

Sometimes we do make teaching assistantships available to MA students.

  • All available postings of TA positions are forwarded to the incoming MA cohort over the summer, and we welcome your applications.
  • As the number of such positions varies from year to year, we do not offer TA positions at the time of admission.
  • We cannot guarantee that there will be any available during your master’s studies.

Likewise, some professors may need research assistance from MA students during your studies here, and will advertise those positions directly. Again, we do not offer research assistantships at the time of admission.

International Students

International students are those who do not hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residence. We welcome applications by such students, however there are different fees for Canadian and some international master’s students.

Note that there are two categories of international student.

  1. If you are the spouse of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, but you do not currently hold permanent residence, you are considered an “exempt” international student. This means that
    • You may apply to our master’s program without any restriction.
    • You will be charged the Canadian resident tuition and fees of $8,491.00.
    • You are eligible for financial aid from the Centre on the same basis as Canadian students.
  2. If you are not in this “exempt” category, you are considered a “visa student.” As such,
    • You will be charged tuition and fees of $22,603.00.
    • You are not eligible for most financial aid from the Centre. However, we occasionally do provide some funding for exceptionally qualified international MA students.
    • You are also eligible to work as a teaching assistant in of our undergraduate courses, or as a research assistant for a professor. However, we cannot guarantee that such opportunities will be available, and they will not be included in any offer of admission that we may make to you.