Research Paper Option

In addition to the required methods course, CRI 2010H, students must take five other half courses and complete a Research Paper (which counts as the equivalent of two half courses).

The Research Paper must be supervised by a member of the graduate faculty at the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies (whether core or cross-appointed) and this arrangement must be formalised by the end of the first term of study. Full-time students must complete the requirements under this option within twelve months (September to September).

The Research Paper Option requires the approval of the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. Approval is normally given if the student has arranged supervision with a member of the CrimSL Graduate Faculty.

If the research involves human subjects, it must be reviewed and approved by the University Ethics Review Committee before fieldwork is initiated. For additional information on conducting research that involves human subjects, please see the Ethics Office in Research and International Relations website.

Students may, with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator, take up to three half-courses from other graduate departments within the University in lieu of a non-required course. Finally, participation in the Centre’s seminar series is expected of all graduate students.

For more information, see the Graduate Handbook