Reminders when using your office

Update (Oct. 26, 2020): 

Public health guidance now require that post-secondary institutions implement COVID-19 health screening for anyone coming to campus. In order to comply with these directives, a self-assessment is now required for all members of our community, including faculty members, librarians, staff, and students, each day they visit any one of the three U of T campuses or any other property owned or operated by U of T. 

There are two ways that individuals can complete the required self-assessment and generate a risk status each time they come to U of T: by using UCheck, or by completing a paper-based or offline self-assessment log.

 Visit the UCheck web portal

Learn more about paper-based or offline self-assessment logs


Here are some of the precautions that are designed to keep our Centre virus free. 

  • Book your office space using the MS BOOKING platform.
  • Before you come into the office for the first time, send Zora your cell number
  • Check-in and out using the log book in the reception area, 2nd floor
  • Use the UCheck self-assessment web portal before coming to campus
  • Non-medical masks or face coverings must now be worn indoors in all common-use spaces on University property.
  • Visit the UofT’s COVID site UTogether2020

CrimSL Spaces: Occupancy and Procedures

  • PhD Offices: One student at a time (staggered schedules – students must book online)
  • Wear a mask in all common areas, including hallways and seminar room (except in your office)
  • The furniture outside your office must not be moved, and tape not removed
  • Washrooms: Max occupancy 1
  • Kitchen: Max occupancy 1 and can only be used as a washing station. Restricted use: sink will be available as a cleaning station and must clear at all times; keep kitchen open for hand hygiene; remove non-essential items, no dish rack, bring your own utensils, plate, cup in and out of kitchen. Et al.)
  • Lounge Area: Max occupancy 7, keeping physical distancing and wearing masks
  • Seminar room: Max occupancy 8, keeping physical distancing and wearing masks (see below for details)
  • Computer lab: closed
  • Library: closed
  • Printer: clean before and after use

To maintain low occupancy across the Centre, the PhD offices have been split into pairs, with a separate MS Bookings page for each pair of offices. The Bookings pages are linked here (UTORid login required):

For now, time in your office is bookable in 3 hour blocks. On the Bookings page for your office, select the date and time you would like to come in. If no times appear on a given day, that means that others in your space have already reserved time. If you reserve a time and your plans later change, please remember to cancel your booking to make that time available to your officemates and neighbours.

Since the maximum occupancy is for your office is one, if you need to meet with a colleague or guest, the seminar room can be reserved here. As a reminder, the maximum occupancy for 265 is eight people, and you must wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.

What should I do if I become ill?

If you are advised by a public health authority that you have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact (Environmental Health & Safety) immediately.

After contacting EHS, please also inform Zora and Audrey.

Everyone with symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.) should stay home, not work, self-isolate and complete a self-assessment using the UCheck web portal. A number of dedicated assessment centres have been established across the Greater Toronto Region to facilitate assessment and testing. Information on locations is available on local public health websites, including Toronto and Peel Region. If you live in other regions you can find your local health unit here.