Scot Wortley


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Street gangs
  • Policing
  • Youth crime and victimization
  • Corrections
  • Racism in the criminal justice system
  • Social networks and crime


Recent Research Activities

Professor Wortley is currently involved in a number of different research projects including:

  1. a SSHRCC-sponsored survey of Toronto residents regarding their attitudes towards the police and criminal courts;
  2. a study of street gangs in southern Ontario (with Julian Tanner, Department of Sociology);
  3. a study of police stop and search activities in Kingston, Ontario;
  4. an analysis of police use of force in Ontario (with Terry Roswell);
  5. a victimization survey of street youth and high school students in Toronto; and
  6. a study examining the complex relationship between immigration status, ethnicity and criminal justice in Canada. Professor Wortley is currently the Justice and Law Domain Leader for CERIS (the Centre for Excellence in Research on Immigration and Settlement).

Courses Taught

  • CRI 3356H Youth Crime and Youth Justice.
  • WDW200Y Introduction to Criminology.


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BA, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
PhD, University of Toronto