Major Program (ASMAJ0826)

Completion Requirements: Criminology & Sociolegal Studies (ASMAJ0826)

The Major is designed for students who wish to obtain a  solid background in Criminology & Sociolegal Studies and will be of interest to students who are studying psychology, sociology, political science, economics, history and philosophy.  Completion of the program requires eight credits which are taken as part of a twenty credit degree program.   The following requirements are effective for all students registering in the program as of March 1, 2020.  Students who have enterered the program before this date, should consult the appropriate calendar or Degree Explorer.

Completion Requirements:

Students must complete a total of 8.0 credits including a minimum of 2.0 credits from 300+level CRI courses, of these 0.5 CRI credit must be at the 400-level.

  1. 2.0 credits from ECO/HIS/PHL/POL/PSY/SOC
  2. All of CRI205H1CRI210H1CRI215H1CRI225H1
  3. At least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level from Group A, at least 0.5 credit must be at the 400-level
  4. At least 0.5 credit from Group B
  5. Additional courses (excluding those already counted) from Groups A and C for a total of 8.0 credits

Note: Students may use a maximum of 1.0 credit from Independent Study courses and 1.0 credit from Research Participation courses towards the Criminology & Sociolegal Studies program.

Group A: CRI300H1/​​ CRI335H1/​​ CRI340H1/​​ CRI343H1/​​ CRI364H1/​​ CRI365H1/​​ CRI370H1/​​ CRI380H1/​​ CRI383H1/​​ CRI385H1/​​ CRI386H1/​​ CRI390H1/​​ CRI391H1/​​ CRI392H1/​​ CRI393H1/​​ CRI394H1/​​ CRI395H1/​​ CRI396H1/​​ CRI415H1/​​ CRI420H1/​​ CRI422H1/​​ CRI425H1/​​ CRI427H1/​​ CRI428H1/​​ CRI429H1/​​ CRI431H1/​​ CRI435H1/​​ CRI445H1/​​ CRI480H1/​​ CRI487H1/​​ CRI490H1/​​ CRI491H1/​​ CRI498H1

Group B: PSY201H1/​​ PSY202H1/​​ SOC200H1/​ SOC202H1/​​ CRI350H1

Group C: ANT444Y/ HIS411H1/​​ PHL271H1/​​ PHL370H1/​​ PSY220H1/​​ PSY240H1/​​ PSY328H1/​​ SOC205H1/​​ SOC212H1/​​ SOC306Y/ SOC313H1/​​ SOC315H1/​​ SOC413H1/​​ TRN412H1/​​ CRI389Y0

Important Notes:

  1. Group C Courses: These courses are offered by other academic units. Registration in these courses may be available only to students who have completed specified prerequisites and/or are enrolled in a program sponsored by the academic unit offering the course. Check the Faculty of Arts and Science's timetable for details.
  2. Students who have completed criminology/sociolegal type courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science (not included in Group C) may email the Program Coordinator to find out if theses courses can be used towards the Group C requirements.