CrimSL COVID-19 Information

Coming to Campus


Community members coming to campus will need to show evidence that they’ve received a first dose of an approved vaccine by Sept. 13 – and full vaccination by Oct. 15 – by uploading proof of immunization to the UCheck health-screening tool

There are limited exceptions for community members who apply for, and receive, an exemption based on medical or other grounds protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code. But they, along with those awaiting their second dose, must participate in a rapid screening program and provide proof of a negative test before coming to campus. They may also be subject to additional safety measures. Rapid screening cannot be used as an alternative to vaccination.

More information about UofT's vaccination requirement

More information about UofT's at home rapid antigen screening


Face masks are required in all indoor spaces (see updated U of T policy and guideline on face masks)


A self-assessment is required for all members of our community, including faculty members, librarians, staff, and students, each day they visit any one of the three U of T campuses or any other property owned or operated by U of T. 

There are two ways that individuals can complete the required self-assessment and generate a risk status each time they come to U of T: by using UCheck, or by completing a paper-based or offline self-assessment log.

 Visit the UCheck web portal

Learn more about paper-based or offline self-assessment logs


For the latest information, please see Your guide to fall 2021 at U of T

Information on graduate course delivery at CrimSL


For any library-related assistance you may require, you are encouraged to contact our librarian, Andrea Shier, by email.

Big List of University of Toronto COVID-19 Pages

The University of Toronto is a big place, with lots of resources available to support the activities of students, faculty and staff. To help the CrimSL community keep track of them all, we’re gathering as many as we can. Where available, this list includes a breakdown of the subsections of the linked resource and information pages. 

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