Big List of University of Toronto COVID-19 Pages

September 16, 2021 by Cate MacLeod

The University of Toronto is a big place, with lots of resources available to support the activities of students, faculty and staff. To help the CrimSL community keep track of them all, we’re gathering as many as we can here. Where available, the list below includes a breakdown of the subsections of the linked resource and information pages.

Do you know a U of T COVID-19 update page that should be listed here? Let us know! 

Last updated September 16, 2021.


Mental Health Quick Links

From CAMH: Mental health and COVID-19

Faculty of Arts & Science Staff & Faculty Mental Health Resources

University of Toronto Student Mental Health Resource

University of Toronto 


Admission Update Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 

UTogether2020: A Roadmap for the University of Toronto 

University of Toronto Libraries 

Updates on Fall 2021 library reopening


COVID-19 research guides

UofT Zoom Portal

Security Maters

Remote Security Matters

Latest blog posts


Six remote learning tips for U of T students

Faculty of Arts and Science 

Fall 2021: UTogether at A&S

Dean Woodin welcomes A&S community to the 2021–22 academic year September 9, 2021

Undergraduate Student FAQs   

    COVID-19 Mitigation for A&S Graduate Students 

    Sources of Government Financial Support During COVID-19 – A Guide for Graduate Students (PDF)

    School of Graduate Studies 

    SGS Looking Ahead 

    Supervision Guidelines

    SGS Research Engagement/Re-Engagement Planning

    SGS Virtual Orientation

    Register With a Tuition Fee Exemption (Due To Impact Of COVID-19)

    Office of the Vice-Provost, Students 

    COVID-19 Information for University of Toronto Students  

    Quarantine Guide for Students



    Recommended Technology Requirements for Remote/Online Learning 

    Financial Support & Funding Opportunities

    Student Life 

    COVID-19 Updates for all Student Life departments (contains updates for individual departments)

    Online with Student Life during COVID-19 

    Student Life COVID-19 FAQs Roundup

    Staff and Faculty 

    Teaching in A&S


    Quercus Support Resources

    Best Practices for Supervisors & Instructors of Graduate Students with Family Responsibilities

    Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation 

    Continuity Planning 

    Teaching Online-Remotely – Planning for Next Term 

    Online Tests and Exams 

    Global Calendar to Support Online/Remote Teaching at the University of Toronto

    CTSI Course Design for Online 

    CTSI Consultations

    In-Class Instruction-First Lesson Mini-Guide (PDF)

    Provostial Guidelines on the Use of Digital Learning Materials

    Online Assessments and Accessibility 

    Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs

    COVID-19 Academic Continuity Strategy: 2020-2021

    Information Security Risk and Teaching Remotely

    Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation  

    COVID-19 Research & Innovation Updates

    Research and Innovation Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ 

    University of Toronto Principles for Research Recovery and Adaptation

    Centre for Research & Innovation Support 

    CRIS Spotlight

    CRIS Spotlight on Resources for Conducting COVID-19 Research 

    CRIS Spotlight on Resources for Researchers During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    CRIS Spotlight on Working Securely: Remote Data Collection & Storage

    CRIS Spotlight on Virtual Research Events & Conferences

    CRIS Research Roundup A weekly digest of research and innovation communications

    Information Technology Services 

    Your workplace environment

    In The Loop, Information Technology Services (ITS) Newsletter  


    Information Technology Services (ITS) technical work-from-home resources 

    Secure & Remote Access (includes VPN information)

    Enhanced online learning experience for international students in mainland Chin

    Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life

    COVID-19 Resources for Academic Administrators

    Human Resources & Equity 

    The University’s Response to COVID-19 (Latest News, Operational Information, Resources) 

    COVID-19 Wellness and Working from Home Toolkit

    COVID-19 Leadership Toolkit

    Support and Advice for Employees During COVID-19