Anyeko continues research in Uganda with children and youth born of wartime forced pregnancy

March 27, 2024 by Patricia Doherty

Further to leading consultative workshops in Uganda in January, CrimSL postdoctoral fellow Dr. Ketty Anyeko visited Uganda March 11-20, 2024 for more conversations with youth and children born of wartime forced pregnancy.

Working again with community-based survivor-led organization Women’s Advocacy Network (WAN), Dr. Anyeko spoke with youth and children born of wartime forced pregnancy to explore emerging themes regarding their views on criminalization of a crime they were born of and their senses of justice.

In their own words:

They said I was a bastard

'She is an outcast,' they said

They left me drowning in my sorrows.

* * *

Sometimes I wished we never came back home

Because everyone’s eyes are on me

Holding me accountable for their misfortunes

I am tied up; I am chained even when am free.


We are the aftermaths.

Anyeko and the WAN are developing a policy report from this collaboration.

The trip was made possible by U of T’s Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Black Research Network.

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