Beatrice Jauregui on Police in India

September 9, 2020 by Cate MacLeod

An interview with Professor Beatrice Jauregui was featured in a recent episode of the In The End Telugu podcast.

From the podcast:

In the latest episode of In The End we present to you the story of police brutality that is a regular occurrence in India. This reality is rarely shown in Indian cinema that celebrates the authority, violence and indiscriminate abuse of power.

Vetrimaran’s Visaranai is a critical look at the institution of police and how the powerless are victimized, abused and erased with no repercussions.

The episode can be found on Apple Podcasts and on SoundCLoud. A note for English-speaking listeners: The first minute or so is in Telugu but most of the rest of the episode, including the parts featuring Professor Jauregui, are in English.

Earlier this week, an essay on policing in India by Professor Jauregui, "The New Visibility and Grotesque Impunity of Communalist Police Violence in #NoCAA and COVID India" was published in Political and Legal Anthropology Review.

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