CrimSL at 2024 A&S Program Exploration Fair

March 5, 2024 by Patricia Doherty

Directed by Undergraduate Administrator Beatrix Doma, four knowledgeable CrimSL undergraduate students proudly staffed our information table at the 2024 A&S Program Exploration Fair on February 28 at Sidney Smith Hall. 

The event featured 62 participating academic units and attraced over 1,400 visitors. 

Undergraduate A&S students, mostly in Year 1, dropped by CrimSL's table to ask questions and get the details about our specialist and major programs of study.

They were greeted and helped by current CrimSL undergrads Rachel Gu, Sarah Howie, Charley McNeil, and Dean Tessaro. The four shared their enthusiam for the program while answering visitor questions.

Rachel, Sarah, Charley, and Dean report that most visitors to the CrimSL table were keen to learn about our programs' enrollment requirements and the historical minimum average for acceptance. Other common questions concerned program course load and difficulty, and which other programs pair well with CrimSL.

Here is some of their feedback on their information table experience.

Charley McNeil

head shot of Charley McNeil
Charley McNeil

The fair was lots of fun - I'm glad I got to help out! - Charley McNeil

Charley, a CrimSL Year 2 student, says that despite some very crowded and busy times, the experience was enjoyable as well as rewarding. She says, "I love seeing the students feel so relieved when getting their questions answered by upper year students! It's a great feeling knowing I can help take some stress off of this crazy time for them!" She recommends the event to first-year students wholeheartedly. And she is very enthusiastic about CrimSL's program:

This field is a vibrant tapestry of challenges and discoveries, where each research endeavour is a step towards understanding and addressing the most pressing issues of our time. I love getting to be immersed in learning about real issues we face in the world today and being able to do my own research to better understand the intersection of human behavior, society, and the legal system. It really fuels my passion for learning and drives my commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world. - Charley McNeil

Rachel Gu

Rachel Gu is a CrimSL Year 3 student. She says that besides enrollment requirements, many visitors wanted to know about the personal experiences of information table staff. She enjoyed sharing her journey and "learning about why students are interested in this department and how they want to use this program in the future."

Rachel recommends CrimSL undergraduate programs as a means to "learn about the issues in the contemporary Canadian criminal justice system and in society more generally."

Sarah Howie

Sarah Howie, a CrimSL Year 3 student, says staffing the information table was a meaningful way to help calm nervous fellow students and provide helpful information. She is looking forward to her final year in 2024-25.  

I am really excited about my future Criminology courses.  - Sarah Howie

Dean Tessaro

CrimSL Year 2 student Dean Tessaro also answered visitor questions at CrimSL's table. He says that the bulk of visitors were first year A&S social science students, many of whom were also interested in enrolling in sociology, psychology, political science, and ES&L.

Dean, like the other three booth volunteers, never attended a Program Information Fair when he was deciding on a program. But he knows he made the right choice.

I am super passionate about law and the justice system, and I find the course material highly engaging as well as the substantive work being performed within the faculty at the frontier of Canadian criminology. - Dean Tessaro

CrimSL thanks Charley, Rachel, Sarah, and Dean for a job well done as CrimSL ambassadors at the Program Information Fair!

About the Program Exploration Fair

The Program Exploration Fair took place over two full days and featured over 300 programs available to Arts & Science students, February 28-29, 2024, 10 am – 4 pm, in Sidney Smith Hall.