CrimSL student-led research on campus safety leads to publication by University Worlds Research Project

October 13, 2023 by Patricia Doherty

"Transforming Campus Safety: Policing and Community Engagement at the University of Toronto," by Emiri Katakawa, Cindy Lui, and Beatrice Jauregui is a new working paper regarding campus safety, recently published as part of the University Worlds Research Project.

Cover page of paper

Based on two years of student-led research—including interviews with peace officers, students, and university administrators—the paper provides an account of the structural organization and transformation of campus policing at the University of Toronto, with a focus on responses to mental health crises, gender-based and sexual violence, and ongoing concerns related to systemic racism, social inequality, and discrimination. 

The paper may be freely accessed on TSpace, a free and secure research repository established by University of Toronto Libraries to disseminate and preserve the scholarly record of University of Toronto. Other University Worlds working papers and research memos are available for download and review on topics such as Unicameral Governance; unionization; the campaign to divest from fossil fuels; corporate accountability; donor funding, and student experiences.