Sabeen Kazmi speaks at 2023 University of Toronto Teaching & Learning Symposium

May 2, 2023 by Patricia Doherty

CrimSL PhD candidate Sabeen Kazmi will take part in a roundtable session at the 2023 University of Toronto Teaching & Learning Symposium "Taking Action: Building Belonging at U of T" the morning of May 3, 2023.

As part of the roundtable, Kazmi will engage in conversation with some of U of T's top graduate student course instructors on their approach to teaching challenges and building learning communities.

All of the instructors taking part were shortlisted for the 2022-2023 Teaching Excellence Award, which is given annually by the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program to the top graduate student course instructors across the University of Toronto campuses.

The panelists will have an opportunity to reflect on their teaching experiences as well as share their top strategies for engaging, supporting, and motivating their students. They will also share their personal reflections on the journey to becoming effective educators and designing transformative teaching strategies.

Audience Q & A will close the session.

About Sabeen Kazmi

Sabeen Kazmi is a PhD candidate in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies working under the supervision of Professor Beatrice Jauregui on "‘Drawing’ Out Colonial Legal Complexities: Social Construction of Permanence and Non-Permanence, Security and In-Security through Colonial Law in Karachi."

Sabeen’s research focuses on “Katchi-Abadis” or “non-permanent settlements” in Karachi: Pakistan. She is interested in understanding how liberal rhetorics of ‘security’ and ‘development’ are utilized through popular political narratives, policies and legislations to justify the displacement of occupants residing in katchi abadis. Her work extends the security-development nexus through embedding her cite of research within a colonial framework.

Beyond her thesis, she is also broadly interested in questions of belonging, visitation, South-Asian diaspora and decolonizing the South-Asian personhood. Through her community involvement, activism, teaching and community work, Sabeen is committed to anti-racism, anti-islamophobia, abolishment of caste based oppression, supports LGBTQ justice and indigenous resistance on Turtle Island and with other indigenous movements across the globe.