Welcome, Katherine Tiller, Executive Assistant to the CrimSL Director

May 2, 2023 by Patricia Doherty

A belated welcome to Katherine Tiller, who joined CrimSL in late January 2023 as Executive Assistant to the Director!

Many of us have already come to know and appreciate Katherine’s friendly and professional manner.

Katherine worked at the Investment Industry Association of Canada supporting top executives for almost a decade before she decided on a major life change. She began a vocational training program to become a millwright in 2020, but soon after, the training program was closed because of the pandemic. Katherine has previously worked for Inanna Publications, an independent feminist press as well as for the Canadian Film Industry “Hollywood North” before joining U of T in 2021. 

Katherine’s flexibility and creative thinking have been useful advantages in her professional life, and also fuel her hobbies in her own time. She enjoys reading and playing video games (her favourite is Mass Effect). She says, “I like action, adventure, and role-playing games including D & D! My two favourite genres in either fiction or gaming are science fiction and fantasy.”  Katherine admits she has little time for hobbies as she tries to keep up with her three children, raising them, enjoying them, and watching them grow.

If you haven’t yet met Katherine, please stop by CG 244 to introduce yourself.