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The annual Graduate Student Conference will be proceeding with a virtual format in 2021. Transformative Justice within Academia: A Radical Institutional Reflection will run March 16th and 17th. ""

The 2021 conference organizers, PhD Students Wumi Asubiaro Dada, Sabeen Kazmi, and Adina Radosh, are bringing an exciting vision to the traditional conference that makes full use of the digital format. And as they note, this will be a great opportunity to connect at a time when opportunities to come together as a group have been few and far between. Full details regarding panels and the planned conference dynamics will be sent out at a later date once the program is finalized.

From the organizers:

Academia has long established itself as an exceptional, progressive, critical, and safe environment. However, its policies, bureaucratic processes, research, teaching and mentorship practices are replete with structures that perpetuate inequalities, highlight mental and health implications and continue to disproportionately harm graduate students. As BIPOC students continue to experience structural and interpersonal violence such as hyper policing, carding and police violence on and off-campus, the institution continues to posture around issues of inequality. Politically correct emails sent out by faculty, staff and students do not address inequality, race, racism, police brutality/privatized security/campus police, and colonial violence within academia. This conference promises to begin a conversation about the structures that reproduce inequalities and the punitive state within educational spaces, unevenly impacting BIPOC students. Furthermore, the conference recognizes graduate student researchers as the future of academia and, as such, we aim to collectively imagine critical and radical educational spaces and pedagogies, while collectively contributing to theory-making, as well as drafting practical recommendations and policies targeted at achieving institutional changes that support graduate students.

See the call for papers for submission instructions (deadline January 15th) and stay tuned for registration information!

Download the CFP: PDF iconCall for Papers - CRIMSL 2021 Graduate Student Conference

View the CFP online

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